Mount Hope Wonder



Bristol RI 2014 Bristol RI-2 2014


I LOVE to kayak!  When purchasing my last kayak I made sure my new friend would be able to fit.  She already loved the water, but I wasn’t sure how she’d respond to being in a small cockpit. I spent some time at the lake close to my house testing her in short jaunts to be sure she would love it.  Many times she will fall asleep while I do all the work!  Apparently the water has as much of a calming effect on her as it does me.

Making sure she was safe with her life preserver, we headed off to Roger Williams University.  This was my mothers day gift to be out on the water with all my babies.  My son who attends Roger Williams, my daughter and my Brya (my husband as well) all came to kayak this beautiful Narragansett Bay around the Mount Hope Bridge.  Such a spectacular day.  Would recommend to anyone.  There is a launch site right at the town of Bristol base of the bridge


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