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15 Towns in 12 Months-June


This month we straddle the spring/summer seasons, but here on Cape Cod summer is already in full tilt! Dogs are allowed on the beaches Oct 1-April 30, so off to the trails we went!

The Knob-Quinnaquisset Ave-One of my favorite haunts! Such beautiful landscape and places to roam all year long on the ocean! Some pluses are the many spots for awesome photos and two small beaches that allow the dogs to swim even in the summer! Minuses to this location are the limited parking spots and the trails are not very lengthy. A definite must see!!!!!     Map:

The Knob Falm July 2014-4   The Knob

Crane Wildlife Reservation-Located on Route 151 this 1800 acres of property was acquired from Frances A. Crane in 1958. The landscape is so vast and starts in an open field (which can get muddy) and heads into an array of wooded trails that intermingle. If your goal is to let your dog run, this is the perfect place to make it happen! Trail Map:

Falm-Crane Reservation Feb 15    Falm-Crane Reservation 2 Feb 15

Shining Sea Bikeway is a bike/walking trail that extends from Route 151 all the way down to Woods Hole. Along the way, such beautiful landscape surrounds you that I got lost in it and ended up walking 8 miles…..yikes! A typical up and back you have several opportunities to sit on a bench and people watch or sit and listen to the birds. Helpful hint: when you are a walker, stay to the right of the trail and listen for bikers signaling to pass. Trail Map:     

Long Pond-This walk is awesome! Starting on Brick Kiln Road and park just before the Goodwill Park. The walk is approximately 4 miles around the pond and is gorgeous. We saw a lot of wildlife and the only downside I saw was that the dogs are not allowed to access the pond since it is a source of drinking water for the town. Trail Map:      

Sandw-Talbots April 2014

Bebee Woods-Depot Road, Falmouth. This hidden gem is located just behind the Cape Cod Conservatory at the end of Depot Road is a playground for dog walkers! There are two ponds, well marked trails and lots of shade for the summer. When the beaches are off limits, head here! You can tailor make your walk as long or short as you’d like!  Trail Map:


I can’t fail to mention the Falmouth Dog Park located on 254 Brick Kiln Road-there are ongoing events and ways you can help fundraise for the park…for more info:

Falmouth has an AWESOME main street with many patios to eat with your pooch and a large grassy common area in the center to sit for a picnic. Some ideas:

Stone L’Oven-271 Main Street

The Pickle Jar-170 Main Street

The Raw Bar-56 Scranton Ave


15 Towns in 12 Months-May

Well, we did it again! May was a two town month :)

May 2015 Chat-Harw

Apparently, the people in Chatham and Harwich are passionate about their towns. All my cape followers guessed my “secret” clues very quickly which shows me that I need to get down cape more often. Not only are these two towns unique and beautiful, there are so many places to visit with your pup while there!

Chatham has beautiful beaches to enjoy with your pup September 16-April 30, but don’t worry, there are plenty of things to do in the summer season as well. We started May by heading to the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge (Clue #1)

Chat-Monomoy Wildlife Refuge 2015       IMG_5828

This beautiful stretch of beach and scrub is basically hidden from the general public….unless you are looking for it you wouldn’t stumble across this gem. You have to enter in to a neighborhood that makes it appear that you are entering a private subdivision, however just after passing the sign, you’ll see a paved driveway on your left that will lead you to the parking lot. Keep an eye out for seals that populate this area and be very careful of ticks as we had plenty on both human and dog!

For more trail hikes see:

Another wonderful trait of Chatham is the number of patio dining spots along the wonderfully quintessential main street for dining. We also came across the beautifully constructed Dog Bar at the Chatham Squire, so make sure you stop in for a fresh drink of water on your stroll.

Clue #2 IMG_5795

One of our favorites in the summer months is the Cape Cod Baseball League. You can watch games with your pup on the hill –just bring a chair or blanket and some refreshments! The field is near the rotary at 750 Main Street

Lastly, the Chatham Bars Inn is a beautiful waterfront resort that is pet friendly. They have beachfront dining as well (Be sure to ask if that is allowed with your pup in the summer season) There is a $100 pet fee Mid June – Labor day + $40/night fee.


HARWICH was our second destinationl!

It seemed to me that Harwich seemed to have more wooded walking trails to choose from. We visited both Thompsons Field IMG_5999  IMG_6002

and the D Isabel Smith Monomoy River Conservation Lands. Thompsons Field is more wide open and apparently a very popular dog spot where you are allowed to have well behaved dogs off leash. The field portion of the conservation is a dog park-like atmosphere, and there is NO hunting on this property which is a nice change. The D. Isabel Smith property is more of a traditional trail and nicely shaded for the upcoming heat. IMG_5988      IMG_5993

For trail info:

Don’t forget the rail trail is right off Main Street (aka 39) where you can have a great paved walk while keeping an eye out for bikers passing you on the left. When traveling to the main street town center we happened upon the Adirondack chair randomly placed in front of a pediatric dental office-so cute! Harw-Main St Chair 2015 Brya and I didn’t find any restaurants in the main section of town, but plenty of places that do take out and right on the main road is a gazebo which would be a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a sandwich.

Harwich has a Cape Cod League team as well-you can catch their games at 105 Oak Street.

On our way out of town was where we captured the rocket and other lawn “ornaments” in a private yard just before the intersection of Rte 39 and Rte 137.    We are not short on art-loving eclectic people here on the cape but that prized possession was just too unique to pass up a photo op! Harw-Rocket yard 2015

Sooo much fun heading down cape! These two are must see towns!

15 towns in 12 months-March

I basically live on the Sandwich and Barnstable town line, so I decided with the area beating the record in snow totals, I might as well stay close to home and do these two towns I know so well. Again I am only highlighting a few trails for this series, but as I do others along the way I’ll be sure to share those too!

Boyden Conservation is owned by the Town of Sandwich and great for a quick walk. Located on Cotuit Road near its intersection with Quaker Meetinghouse Road. The trail loop is approximately 1 mile, but that is not the intrigue of the trail. The best part of this walk is the field visible just off the trail so you can’t miss it! You can use this field for ball play, training purposes, or just to add mileage to the trail walk by doing its circumference. Tucked way in the back of the field surrounded by woods is a very cool cemetery where Clue #1 was taken

Sandw-Boyden Conserv 2014

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Cape Cod Canal in Sandwich! This side of the canal is blessed with picnic tables at the beginning with bathrooms (always important). Marked and well maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers, this asphalt walkway is 6.5 miles to the railroad bridge, so if you are feeling energetic you could complete all 13 miles! Just past the marina at the canal is the Welcome Center open “in season” with its own covered picnic area and walk to the jetty at the mouth of the canal.

Sand-Canal visitor center

If you “do the math”, if I have to visit 15 towns in 12 months I would have to combine two towns a couple of times right? This next Clue #2 was taken at Sandy Neck Beach in BarnstableBarn-Xmas 14 on hill

Located right off Route 6A, this beach is a six mile long barrier beach with both a trail along the marsh as well as paved trails. I learned a few new things about the beach after being a frequent visitor for many years. Run by the town of Barnstable, the upper parking lot land was donated by the Bodfish family and named in their honor as Benjamin Bodfish Park (parking lot by snack shack). You need a resident sticker for Barnstable or Sandwich to park or you will pay $15  for the day in season. Leashed dogs are allowed year round on the trail that starts from the guard shack (deep sand in spots) and on the off road beach (for which a special sticker is required-of course I have one). The main beach welcomes dogs September 15-May 15 and not during the summer months. One last note: the entire property allows hunting so be sure to check the season before heading out…. especially on the marsh trail . I have found it isn’t a hugely popular place for hunting so the risk is minimal.

There is a great book about the history of this area:


Locals raved about Eagle Pond aka Bell Farm and Little River Sanctuary in Cotuit (a village of Barnstable) so I had to see for myself. I found a few parking lots, but the largest and most convenient is just off Route 28 on Putnam Avenue. Owned by Barnstable Land Trust, a private organization, the trails around the pond are beautiful and private. However, there is a spot that you must cross a private road (Little River Road) to access the rest of the trail, and a few spots were close to the main roads, so I was a bit nervous about that. The good news is that once you cross the street there is a lovely field lined with bird feeders where we found this funny post with distances to local and NOT so local places from the trail Clue #3. It cracked me up! We will definitely be back when all the snow is melted. Here is the link to the trail map.

Barn-Eagle Pond sign 2015         Barn-Eagle Pond 2015

To learn more about the Barnstable Land Trust and how you can volunteer or donate to keep these lands pristine check out their website:

There are plenty of eateries in both Towns, just a few to mention:

Sandwich:       Café Chew has outside tables as soon as the weather turns as does the restaurants at Russells Corner; also not to forget the many ice cream stores some of which offer wonderful sandwiches as well -Ice Cream Sandwich; Shipwreck; Twin Acres, and Sweet Carolines. Pet Friendly Hotel=Sandwich Lodge Resort

Barnstable:    Main Street in Hyannis offers many outside tables to eat and Barnstable village has the Barnstable Tavern with a courtyard and many wonderful take out spots where you can venture out to eat at the nearby marina. Pet friendly hotel: Comfort Inn, Hyannis




New Year’s Resolutions

The new year is upon us. Time for reflection and goals for the next 12 months.

In reflection of 2014, I am thrilled the blog has finally come to life! This concept has been in the works for over a year and I’m sure it will be evolving as Brya and I grow and expand our reaches. Cape Cod is a beautiful place and I feel blessed to live here and have the opportunity to share its beauty with my fellow pet lovers. I sincerely hope you go out and spend quality time with your dog. The time is not only great for bonding but can also be meditative.

Resolutions for 2015 on behalf Brya and myself:

  • We would like to spend time walking in a new town each month.  I will report on what we found, our favorite trails and stops.
  • We will be getting more involved in the dog therapy community and embarking on new programs and opportunities.


That Face

Hunting Season

We’ve all been a little lax about walking on trails in the winter without regard to hunting areas or seasons.  The recent shooting of a man in Barnstable jogging in the woods with his dogs reminds us to be more careful!  Remember hunters are out looking for deer at dawn and dusk.  If this is the only time you can be out, and you must go in areas known for hunting, wear ORANGE

Brya in orange vest on trail Dec 14          Brya in orange vest on rock Dec 14

For more information on hunting seasons:

Remember, some private conservation trusts prohibit hunting so they are safer and there is no hunting on Sundays ******* SUNDAY IS ALL CLEAR*************

So people, be safe and get walking!



Hathaway Pond, Barnstable

Hathaway pond Oct 14

Hathaway Pond, Phinney’s Lane, Barnstable       1.5mi

(exit 6, head East and left on Phinney’s Lane, left into parking lot) –need a Barnstable Beach sticker to park Memorial to Labor Day

This is a perfect little hike for someone who is out for a quick jaunt in the beautiful woods. Start at the fence to the right when you drive in and follow the trail directly around the pond. First stop is a small beach on the left allowing you a quick swim for your pup before moving on. The main trail has several offshoots. We found the trail has some gentle hills and is wide enough to pass someone coming the other way, but be sure to watch out for roots everywhere!  Brya found a rock or two to climb (she secretly thinks she is a mountain goat)

Around the half way point around the pond you bear right at the next 2 forks in the trail because a left turn here would send you to the water’s edge and a dead end. After that, bear left then stay straight for the remainder of the trail. When in doubt just keep your eye on the pond, as long as it is stays on the same side you should be all set.  Have fun!  We did!

Block Island, RI

Block Island RI Aug 2014-4

Riding the Ferry


Block Island RI Aug 2014-8

Block Island RI Aug 2014-26

Helping to recycle after a long day walking

Block Island RI Aug 2014-16

Beautiful Lighthouse


Block Island has been on my husband’s bucket list for a long time.  We finally bit the bullet and just got in the car!  Getting to the ferry in Point Judith, RI was easy and parking a breeze!  Book on line if you can prior to your arrival as seats go fast!

Dogs are allowed on the ferry in any outdoor area and we met several friends on the trip over, both four and two legged.  As soon as you exit the ferry, the welcome center is there in “old harbor” to assist you with any plans for the day or even if you decide to stay overnight.

We decided to walk to the lighthouse.  There was a Del’s Lemonade stand to quench our thirst–almost a mirage on this hot summer day.  Most beaches on the island allow dogs on leash and we were able to stop and let Brya swim several times.  Lunch was a breeze with many outdoor patio spots to allow Brya to lay under the table or off to the side.  So many dog lovers, it was so refreshing!

The island itself isn’t terribly large, but we were able to eek out a 10mile hike around the bulk of it!  New harbor was a treat with outdoor restaurants and bars with games being played right on the dock… fun!  We loved our visit to this great dog friendly island–highly recommended!!!!!


Are you ready to travel with your pet?

Training is an important part of creating a happy environment for travel.  My hope is that everyone who reads this blog is able to go out into the world with just their best four legged friend and a great leash, leaving behind all the gimmicks like clickers and treats.  A good obedience foundation is all that is required for your dog to have that respect and bond for you to venture out into the world

.BryaStarting as early as possible is best :)

Anyone who feels that dogs want to serve us is mistaken.  Dogs are really all about serving themselves.  Nothing personal, its just who they are.  Don’t get me wrong, we feel like they want to do their best for us; but when push comes to shove, will they listen in a loud, busy environment or react badly when other people or dogs are around? Without training, dogs can be over protective of their owners.  They feel responsible “for” their owner instead of responsible “to” them.

So get out there and spend some quality time working on those essential obedience commands and get them all polished.  Take your first steps out close to home.  Exposure…..that’s what will create confidence in you and your pal.  Then head on out into the world being confident that your dog with behave in all circumstances.