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15 Towns in 12 Months-October

Brewster was the town of the month for October. What this town lacks in industry, it makes up for it in beauty and charm. This is a town that is reminiscent of “old cape cod”.   You won’t find a chain grocery store or restaurant in town, but there are many charming boutique shops and mom & pop stores. Make sure you pop into the Brewster General Store and you will feel as if you were transported back in time.

My first not so hidden gem of a nature trail is the Nickerson State Park. This park packs a big punch. With many fishing, biking and hiking trails, Cliff Pond was a perfect start! We started on Flax Pond Road at the parking lot in between Cliff and Little Cliff Ponds. Keeping the pond on our left, we made our way around the 3+mile loop    Brew-Cliff Pond May 2014-2        Brew-Cliff Pond April 2014

where there are many opportunities for the dogs to swim any time of year, and towards the end of the loop is a beautiful sandy beach where we stopped to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Trail map:

Running through Nickerson is the Cape Cod Rail Trail which is a beautiful walk in itself!

The next trail we hit is adjacent to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, at 869 Main Street (Route 6A). Just west of the museum you will find a map at the trailhead. Dogs are only allowed October 1-April 30, so this was the perfect addition to our month! The weather cooperated, and although the trail is not long it is full of gorgeous scenery. You should be sure to check the tides, as the plank walkway across the marsh will be flooded at high tide


As you transition from woods to marsh through another section of woods,


you will eventually land on the beautiful stairway to the infamous Brewster Flats  that can go on for miles at low tide.


Simply breathtaking!

Be sure to check out the Brewster Conservation Trust properties for more wonderful trails!! There are too many to list, so check them out for yourselves: or

All private land trusts are run by volunteers and donations, so consider possibly giving some time or perhaps money to save our open space!

Brew-Cliff Pond -1 2014      HAPPY TRAILS!



15 Towns in 12 Months-September


 What a beautiful town in this beautiful month of September! This was a perfect pick as we transition from Summer to Fall here on Cape Cod.  Containing about 14 square miles and with a population of 5600 people, Eastham is home to the Nauset Regional High School. Interesting fact: this is the only school on the East Coast located within a national park –Cape Cod National Seashore (CCNS)

IMG_7155The town of Truro allows dogs Labor Day- June 15 on beaches, so check out Dyer Prince Road and Rock Harbor beach. A recent update from the town: dogs are no longer allowed to run free on this beach, even though they had this freedom for a decade –Brya and I found it to be quite enjoyable in spite of the new rules

For a full list of Truro beaches, see the town web site (download the pdf) listed:


IMG_7819       IMG_7598On the contrary, the National Seashore allows your pup on their ocean beaches all year long (on leash of course)!! Our favorite in Eastham is Nauset Light Beach. As the name hints, there is a beautiful lighthouse on the property. In season, the bath house is a nice addition to a very sandy day.

IMG_7814However, I was sad to learn that the CCNS does NOT allow dogs to walk on any trails in the reservation. I did double check this fact with a Ranger at the Visitor Center, and she did reluctantly agree with my findings. This is apparently due to the delicate wildlife that lives along the trails.  We need to share with all animals right?   :)

Do you recognize our clue to the right?  This was a hard one!  This bone is by the Fort Hill trail (dogs prohibited, but photos allowed)


Not to be disheartened by the bad news, we were off to locate our new trail find!! We headed out to Cottontail Acres.

IMG_7781 The parking lot for this trail is well hidden so keep your wits about you. Heading down Samoset Road, when you get to the intersection with Lawton Road on your left, start to take the turn but do an almost u turn into a paved road just before the property at 875 Samoset. Immediately you will run into the small turnoff which is the parking for this trail. Cottontail Acres is a short, cute hike that is well shaded with trees and beautiful by itself. If you are looking for more, cross Samoset Street on foot in the crosswalk and enter into another larger parcel named Wiley Park.IMG_7798 The trails in this 40 acre parcel not only surround Great Pond, but also several smaller ponds for multiple swimming opportunities-Yay! All in all we walked 3 ½ miles total and not only was it beautiful, it was very interesting with a few picturesque spots along the way

IMG_7797       IMG_7801

Eastham didn’t appear to have too many spots for outdoor eating, but we did find Red Barn Pizza with picnic tables outside (pretty good pizza too); and Ben and Jerry’s for a treat after your lunch. Both located on Route 6.

A great resource when visiting Eastham with your dog is the Eastham Dog Owners Assn web page :

Get out and enjoy!!