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15 Towns in 12 Months-December

Brew-Cliff Pond -1 2014December finally arrived! The weather on Cape Cod has been so mild this fall (now technically winter) that we have been crazy walking fools. Last but not least, we headed to Yarmouth!

First on the docket: Historical Society Trails You can find the trailhead at The Faith Tufts Gatehouse behind the post office on Route 6A in Yarmouthport.  These trails maintained by the Historical Society of Old Yarmouth. A generous 50 acres of conservation was once the first golf course on Cape Cod.  Built in the 1890s as a private course for the Thacher family, the course was used for several decades until generously donated to the historical society by Mr. Guido Perera, a descendent of the Thacher family.
If you look closely, you can still catch a glimpse of the golf course landscape.  We lingered too long at Miller’s Pond losing track of time.  Time in December goes fast, and we were losing daylight.

So we headed straight to Grays Beach.  I had heard a lot about this beach since my town of Sandwich has a boardwalk and this one rivals ours.  It was beautiful in its own way, however dogs are NEVER allowed on the beaches of Yarmouth which shocked me!  We had our photo op and were on our way. IMG_2436

Very disappointing  :(

We had just enough time for a quick walk, so we picked Dennis Pond Conservation area. With parking on Willow Street and Summer street, the trail is a quick out and back with nice view of Dennis Pond. This pond is shallow so there are many opportunities for viewing of wildlife.  A very pretty walk with option of a Power Line addition to the walk if you are looking for extra mileage.  Cute!


Trail map: