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winter stimulation

This was a TOUGH month for dogs (and people) when you get 3+ feet of snow in one month! Even difficult for die hard walkers like me & Brya weren’t able to get out every day and experienced a bit of cabin fever. Now that we have given in to the fact that it’s not going anywhere, we have learned to embrace the snow!

snow 3

Head to the  beaches!! They are usually clear enough to walk since the snow blows into the bluffs, and if you prefer the woods for less wind chill,  believe it or not we aren’t the only ones that walk in the deep snow on the trails and eventually “cut” at walkable path over time. Many trails have been tamped down by cross country skiers and snow shoe enthusiasts.  Most dogs don’t care at all that we have deep snow or that it is bitter cold. So bundle up people! Some of the most beautiful landscape pictures I have are captured in the snow (especially with a black dog).

snow 4                                   Snow

If you just can’t get out or don’t want to, stimulate your dog inside! Yes, having mental stimulation is sometimes as good as a 3 mile walk outside. This will keep them from getting bored and in to trouble J See my inspiration Caesar Milan’s article for some great ideas on this concept.

Scorton Creek

Scorton Creek, Sandwich

What does a dog freak do on Cape Cod in summer?  Why we tube down the creek (yes the dog too)

Tubing down scorton July 2014 Tubing down Scorton Juy 2014-1

Seems simple right? Wrong!!!  So many details to figure out.  What way is the tide flowing? Where do we park?  Remember to bring a waterproof bag for keys (both sets)!

We parked one car on the shoulder of Rte 6A by the Scorton Creek bridge.  The tide for us was coming in so that would be our ending point.  The other car we parked at East Sandwich Beach.  You must walk to the end where the launch is.

Don’t forget some rope or bungee cords to tie the tubes together.  We had 4 girls, 1 dog and 2 ropes :)  Such a blast!!!!!!