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15 Towns in 12 Months-July

So its summer…..dogs aren’t allowed on the beach, right? Wrong!

In Provincetown, one of the most dog-friendly towns on the cape, dogs are welcome on the beaches on leash all year long. In fact, you may have your well behaved dog off leash from 6-9 am AND 6-9pm. But be sure to pick up after your pooch, if you know what I mean 😉 We have to keep the beaches clean so our furry friends don’t lose this invitation.

Ptown Beaches April 2014

Sometimes in the “dog days of summer” I get lazy. Not really, but I am definitely less motivated for a long walk. I think Brya feels the same way. Being near the water always helps! Just walking down the main drag of Commercial Street is a trip. Several stores and banks allow dogs inside the store, plenty of watering holes line sidewalks, and you can even get a dog cookie like we did at Paws & Whiskers Dog Bakery.

Ptown Aug 2014-4                       Ptown Aug 2014-5

If you are feeling adventurous, head out to the breakwater at the absolute tip of the Cape. You can walk for what seems like a mile, but I’m sure is a bit less, across this stone jetty and make your way over to the lighthouse. Be warned, this trail is 4.93 miles long, so make sure you time your tides right so you don’t get stuck……that’s right it almost happened to us, yikes!

ptown breakwater

If you aren’t as adventurous of just feeling a bit on the lazy side, Beech Forest Trail is a cute trail that is just over a mile:

Lastly, Try walking the neighborhoods of this hustling summer city and you never know who you will find! We walked by the Pilgrim Monument and realized we hadn’t actually appreciated the significance in a long time, probably since visiting in grade school! For those of you who live off cape, check out the story as we know it:

Ptown Aug 2014

I would be remiss without mentioning the Provincetown Dog Park, located at the intersection of Route 6 and Shank Painter Road

I didn’t see a lot of shade, so maybe not a great location for a mid day romp, but a great looking park.  Its nice for folks to have some human interaction as well!!   The dog park site also give you a great selection of hotels and restaurants that are dog friendly:

One fact remains, BRYA AND I LOVE PTOWN!!!!  Come down and enjoy!


A Day in Provincetown

The pull to Provincetown is undeniable for any dog lover. A place unique in so many ways, we are never at a loss for things to do.

Strolling down the town’s main drag, Commercial Street, water bowls literally lining the street in front of the many unique stores that allow you to shop with your dog. The local bank has treats at the ready, and the town hall provides a doggie drinking water fountain!

For our afternoon hike we choose the Long Point Trail to the lighthouse. This 4.93 mile beach walk was challenging. The journey began on the beach just off of Commercial Street. We needed to plan our trip around the tides, as parts of Long Point Trail are submerged at high tide. Leaving a few hours before low tide we were able to walk along the shoreline crossing Provincetown harbor on a dike. We pass a Cape Cod Bay beach and the Woods End Lighthouse.We reach Long Point Lighthouse at the very tip of Cape Cod, and one of the most stunning unspoiled beaches. Added to the National Historic Register in 1987, the light and its 1904 oil house are the only structures left on Long Point, which is now part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. What a great workout in the sand for both girl and dog. Not a trail for colder months or for the faint of heart.  Whew!Breakwater Ptown April 2014-1Breakwater-longer than I thought!!

Still full from our lunch, we aren’t thinking of a big dinner, but of course we worked off enough calories to require ice cream! The Ptown Scoop on Commercial Street is so amazingly pet friendly. It is hard for Brya to decide between the “Pilgrim Bark Park” (vanilla based ice cream with a peanut butter bone); or a “Cool Treat” ( a frozen non-dairy wheat and gluten free delicacy made of apples, bananas and peanut butter).

Rejuvenated, we head to Race Point Beach to enjoy the sunset with a bottle of wine. Provincetown allows off leash (for well behaved) dogs from 6-9pm, Brya finds several friends to romp with in and out of the water The fond memories of the beautiful Provincetown and so many places and activities left undone, we will be back time and time again!  Until next time!