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15 Towns in 12 Months-May

Well, we did it again! May was a two town month :)

May 2015 Chat-Harw

Apparently, the people in Chatham and Harwich are passionate about their towns. All my cape followers guessed my “secret” clues very quickly which shows me that I need to get down cape more often. Not only are these two towns unique and beautiful, there are so many places to visit with your pup while there!

Chatham has beautiful beaches to enjoy with your pup September 16-April 30, but don’t worry, there are plenty of things to do in the summer season as well. We started May by heading to the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge (Clue #1)

Chat-Monomoy Wildlife Refuge 2015       IMG_5828

This beautiful stretch of beach and scrub is basically hidden from the general public….unless you are looking for it you wouldn’t stumble across this gem. You have to enter in to a neighborhood that makes it appear that you are entering a private subdivision, however just after passing the sign, you’ll see a paved driveway on your left that will lead you to the parking lot. Keep an eye out for seals that populate this area and be very careful of ticks as we had plenty on both human and dog!

For more trail hikes see:

Another wonderful trait of Chatham is the number of patio dining spots along the wonderfully quintessential main street for dining. We also came across the beautifully constructed Dog Bar at the Chatham Squire, so make sure you stop in for a fresh drink of water on your stroll.

Clue #2 IMG_5795

One of our favorites in the summer months is the Cape Cod Baseball League. You can watch games with your pup on the hill –just bring a chair or blanket and some refreshments! The field is near the rotary at 750 Main Street

Lastly, the Chatham Bars Inn is a beautiful waterfront resort that is pet friendly. They have beachfront dining as well (Be sure to ask if that is allowed with your pup in the summer season) There is a $100 pet fee Mid June – Labor day + $40/night fee.


HARWICH was our second destinationl!

It seemed to me that Harwich seemed to have more wooded walking trails to choose from. We visited both Thompsons Field IMG_5999  IMG_6002

and the D Isabel Smith Monomoy River Conservation Lands. Thompsons Field is more wide open and apparently a very popular dog spot where you are allowed to have well behaved dogs off leash. The field portion of the conservation is a dog park-like atmosphere, and there is NO hunting on this property which is a nice change. The D. Isabel Smith property is more of a traditional trail and nicely shaded for the upcoming heat. IMG_5988      IMG_5993

For trail info:

Don’t forget the rail trail is right off Main Street (aka 39) where you can have a great paved walk while keeping an eye out for bikers passing you on the left. When traveling to the main street town center we happened upon the Adirondack chair randomly placed in front of a pediatric dental office-so cute! Harw-Main St Chair 2015 Brya and I didn’t find any restaurants in the main section of town, but plenty of places that do take out and right on the main road is a gazebo which would be a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a sandwich.

Harwich has a Cape Cod League team as well-you can catch their games at 105 Oak Street.

On our way out of town was where we captured the rocket and other lawn “ornaments” in a private yard just before the intersection of Rte 39 and Rte 137.    We are not short on art-loving eclectic people here on the cape but that prized possession was just too unique to pass up a photo op! Harw-Rocket yard 2015

Sooo much fun heading down cape! These two are must see towns!