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Therapy Dog

On my usual morning trail walk, I saw this quote on a plaque placed on the bridge over a creek. It so sums up my life these days!

“The path of life is seldom straight, around each turn adventures wait”-Mother Nature

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Brya was brought into my life for a reason. I am not fully sure why yet, but around each turn I am enjoying the adventure!!

This week we started an adventure of being a new Therapy Dog team with CAP (Companion Animal Program). It was pure joy to see the smiles on the client’s faces at Royal Megansett Nursing Home and the kids joy by hugging the dogs at Cape Cod Community College for finals week. One girl said to me “this made my whole day worthwhile” as she thanked me on her way out-PRICELESS.

In this holiday season, the gift of love and comfort is truly better than any present.IMG_3611                     IMG_3617IMG_3622                            IMG_3623

Looking forward to my journey with Brya and hoping the adventures never stop.

Seabury Farm, West Barnstable

Seabury Farm-West Barnstable

Do you ever feel like you are in a rut? Same three trails for a month! Well, I decided on my way home from the Barnstable Registry to pull over into a parking lot that looked inviting just before the West Barnstable Elementary School on Route 6A.

At the start of the trail, the view of the rolling field was beautiful, but the trail itself was narrow and overgrown with briars. Brya being a delicate flower was having trouble pushing through so over the vines she went. This area did finally join what looks like a fire road which lead me to my first trail map sign. Yay!

Seabury Farm WBarn-3 Dec 2014

We walked a good 2 ¾ miles on the Blue Trail (marked by blue triangles on the trees) that had some impressive hills to climb. I hear after the fact that the blue trail could be up to 5 miles! Keep in mind that this area has hunters and December is Deer Season in Massachusetts. Brya and I both don orange vests in these areas and try to walk at times that hunters are less likely to be around-mid day and Sundays. .  We saw two HUGE deer and Brya wasn’t the slightest startled. I, on the other hand, had to take a deep breath to move on with the hike. Hope they last through the hunting season L

The trail we followed was well marked, and there appeared to be many offshoots that we could explore in future visits. The map shows the Red trail leads you to Cape Cod Community College-interesting!

Seabury Farm WBarn Dec 2014

All in all, great find and we will definitely be back!

Seabury Farm WBarn-2 Dec 2014

Hathaway Pond, Barnstable

Hathaway pond Oct 14

Hathaway Pond, Phinney’s Lane, Barnstable       1.5mi

(exit 6, head East and left on Phinney’s Lane, left into parking lot) –need a Barnstable Beach sticker to park Memorial to Labor Day

This is a perfect little hike for someone who is out for a quick jaunt in the beautiful woods. Start at the fence to the right when you drive in and follow the trail directly around the pond. First stop is a small beach on the left allowing you a quick swim for your pup before moving on. The main trail has several offshoots. We found the trail has some gentle hills and is wide enough to pass someone coming the other way, but be sure to watch out for roots everywhere!  Brya found a rock or two to climb (she secretly thinks she is a mountain goat)

Around the half way point around the pond you bear right at the next 2 forks in the trail because a left turn here would send you to the water’s edge and a dead end. After that, bear left then stay straight for the remainder of the trail. When in doubt just keep your eye on the pond, as long as it is stays on the same side you should be all set.  Have fun!  We did!