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Paw House Inn, VT


The Paw House Inn is located in West Rutland, VT.  Close to Pico an Killington Mountains and about 5 minutes to the bustling town of Rutland, this Inn is a perfect location for all dog lovers.  The Inn’s motto is “we cater to dogs, we tolerate humans”………and they mean it!

IMG_5627    IMG_5598

We were welcomed by the resident dog, Stanley, and were given a tour of the grounds.  The owner told an interesting story about the eccentric neighbor who is an art collector of sorts and has many “interesting” sculptures surrounding the Inn’s property.  Here are just a few:


IMG_5683  IMG_5687  IMG_5699

This Inn is SPOTLESS!! I am a clean freak, so for me to say that is something, especially about a house with dogs in it!  The mud room after entering allows the humans to take their shoes off and towels to wipe any dirty dog paws.  So many cute touches throughout!

IMG_5583     IMG_5570

Our room was on the second floor and immediately knew we were in good hands.  There was a framed dog bed with a bowl and towel for water, a towel in case of rain or an impromptu swim, and even a sheet to put over the bed in case your pup joins you for sleeping.

IMG_5573   We headed out to the fenced in “dog park” next and met our neighbors and their pups before hitting the sack.  Fun was had by all.

IMG_5615     IMG_5589

Saturday we dined on the back porch with Brya and most of her friends for a gourmet breakfast which was delicious, then headed off to the indoor farmers market (dogs are invited)

IMG_5621    IMG_5646

Since it was spring, the weather was just warm enough for a hike  The staff at breakfast was so helpful in giving us a list of possible trails. We finally settled on Pine Hill Park and it did not disappoint !!!!!  Breathtaking landscape and views awaited us at every turn.  Brya found several rocks to climb throughout our hike:


IMG_5632     IMG_5640

Another great feature of the Inn is the on site kennel.  This separate building has kennels to keep your pup safe and cool/warm (depending on the season) if you have to go somewhere that isn’t dog friendly or just want an afternoon of human sightseeing. Although we didn’t use this service for Brya, it was nice to know it was available!

IMG_5568   IMG_5569

It was so wonderful to be in a place that reveres these animals that are our family as much as we do, and to be around fellow dog lovers was such a treat.  Brya made wonderful friends and I know we will be back!


Check them out for yourselves:



Lake Winnipesaukee, NH

Does it take a little extra effort to bring your pet on vacation? Yes.

But it pays you back tenfold! After my son’s recent college graduation, we decided to try and have a family vacation ON Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire before he heads off into the world.  With some on line research, were able to find a house on that would accommodate a dog  (there were actually many listings with different amenities).


This home in the beautiful town of Meredith was smack on the banks of the quiet, picturesque Fish Cove.  Abutting a loon sanctuary and tucked away in a residential area, we had the best of both worlds!  We had quiet peace in the mornings for jumping off the dock and kayaking, and yet we were a quick boat ride out to the main part of the lake for tubing and sight-seeing. This was not our first visit to Lake Winni, but certainly our best!

IMG_6435           Brya in kayak in NH

Seeing the lake from the water was so much fun and interesting—we decided they may need some signs for navigation out there…it’s so huge!  The boating was a bit of a challenge from a newbie’s perspective as the lake is known for the massive amount of rocks to maneuver around. Our Navigation Map purchased at the local Mobil station helped immensely!  NH isn’t called the Granite State for nothing!!  Donning her life vest, Brya came everywhere on the boat with us and there was plenty of public docks to stop and walk around in each of the main towns around the lake.

Lake Winni 3               Lake Winni 1

We found many eateries when we docked the boat that would take the dog. All patio venues will allow dogs to dine and some even offer water bowls and treats. Many ice cream spots will give you a doggie cup J  When in Wolfeboro, we dined at Dockside with a covered patio and great simple but tasty summer foods.  My kids tell me the fish & chips were awesome! I was amazed at how many dogs we saw in our travels boating this enormous lake.

Lake Winni 5

The water was definitely the draw to this vacation.  Although we walked our area of Stonedam Island daily, Brya LOVED kayaking with us.  We usually get in the kayak on Cape Cod from the shore, but by day two in NH she was jumping in from the dock into her spot in my kayak ready for our next adventure. We found a few islands that were purely conservation that we got out and explored.  My favorite spot was “Sally’s Gut”, a little canal that is VERY shallow and boats must be careful and slow but is a kayakers dream!

Lake Winni 4                 Lake Winni 2

In Brya’s 2 ½ short years of life I have found that not only has traveling made her a happier dog, but she is so easy to take anywhere!  By being exposed to so many different situations, we have increased the bond of trust between us ………never mind it brings both of us a lot of joy !  Give it a try!

Block Island, RI

Block Island RI Aug 2014-4

Riding the Ferry


Block Island RI Aug 2014-8

Block Island RI Aug 2014-26

Helping to recycle after a long day walking

Block Island RI Aug 2014-16

Beautiful Lighthouse


Block Island has been on my husband’s bucket list for a long time.  We finally bit the bullet and just got in the car!  Getting to the ferry in Point Judith, RI was easy and parking a breeze!  Book on line if you can prior to your arrival as seats go fast!

Dogs are allowed on the ferry in any outdoor area and we met several friends on the trip over, both four and two legged.  As soon as you exit the ferry, the welcome center is there in “old harbor” to assist you with any plans for the day or even if you decide to stay overnight.

We decided to walk to the lighthouse.  There was a Del’s Lemonade stand to quench our thirst–almost a mirage on this hot summer day.  Most beaches on the island allow dogs on leash and we were able to stop and let Brya swim several times.  Lunch was a breeze with many outdoor patio spots to allow Brya to lay under the table or off to the side.  So many dog lovers, it was so refreshing!

The island itself isn’t terribly large, but we were able to eek out a 10mile hike around the bulk of it!  New harbor was a treat with outdoor restaurants and bars with games being played right on the dock… fun!  We loved our visit to this great dog friendly island–highly recommended!!!!!


Mount Hope Wonder



Bristol RI 2014 Bristol RI-2 2014


I LOVE to kayak!  When purchasing my last kayak I made sure my new friend would be able to fit.  She already loved the water, but I wasn’t sure how she’d respond to being in a small cockpit. I spent some time at the lake close to my house testing her in short jaunts to be sure she would love it.  Many times she will fall asleep while I do all the work!  Apparently the water has as much of a calming effect on her as it does me.

Making sure she was safe with her life preserver, we headed off to Roger Williams University.  This was my mothers day gift to be out on the water with all my babies.  My son who attends Roger Williams, my daughter and my Brya (my husband as well) all came to kayak this beautiful Narragansett Bay around the Mount Hope Bridge.  Such a spectacular day.  Would recommend to anyone.  There is a launch site right at the town of Bristol base of the bridge