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Scorton Creek

Scorton Creek, Sandwich

What does a dog freak do on Cape Cod in summer?  Why we tube down the creek (yes the dog too)

Tubing down scorton July 2014 Tubing down Scorton Juy 2014-1

Seems simple right? Wrong!!!  So many details to figure out.  What way is the tide flowing? Where do we park?  Remember to bring a waterproof bag for keys (both sets)!

We parked one car on the shoulder of Rte 6A by the Scorton Creek bridge.  The tide for us was coming in so that would be our ending point.  The other car we parked at East Sandwich Beach.  You must walk to the end where the launch is.

Don’t forget some rope or bungee cords to tie the tubes together.  We had 4 girls, 1 dog and 2 ropes :)  Such a blast!!!!!!


New age of play

Dogs in the wild give certain cues to one another as “talk”. They growl as a warning or nip as a correction.  These dogs speak with eye contact and the position of their tail.  With all this they are functional as a group and realize and RESPECT the social cues given.  They immediately know their status in the pack.

Today’s owners are encouraged to “socialize” their dog.  Bring your pup to a dog park, let them loose on a trail.  These aren’t bad things, but people forget that not everyone’s dogs are friendly. Not every pet owner is responsible.  So how do you get a dog with no social group to learn how to behave?


1. When you start your socialization keep the leash on!  This provides you and your dog with a sense of control. Begin with safe scenarios like finding friends with dogs you know and are respectful.

2.  Keep unknown dogs at a safe distance.  The more you go out and have a happy experience around new dogs, you and your pup will be more confident.

3.  Don’t think every owner is responsible.  If a dog is charging you and the owner is yelling “he’s friendly” – use your own judgment.  When in doubt, step between the oncoming dog and your dog.  Taking the role of protector gives them a reassurance of trust.

4.  Educate yourself.  When in doubt, contact a professional.  Training is work, but the effort at the beginning of your dog’s life will pay off ten fold in the many years to come!

Hathaway Pond, Barnstable

Hathaway pond Oct 14

Hathaway Pond, Phinney’s Lane, Barnstable       1.5mi

(exit 6, head East and left on Phinney’s Lane, left into parking lot) –need a Barnstable Beach sticker to park Memorial to Labor Day

This is a perfect little hike for someone who is out for a quick jaunt in the beautiful woods. Start at the fence to the right when you drive in and follow the trail directly around the pond. First stop is a small beach on the left allowing you a quick swim for your pup before moving on. The main trail has several offshoots. We found the trail has some gentle hills and is wide enough to pass someone coming the other way, but be sure to watch out for roots everywhere!  Brya found a rock or two to climb (she secretly thinks she is a mountain goat)

Around the half way point around the pond you bear right at the next 2 forks in the trail because a left turn here would send you to the water’s edge and a dead end. After that, bear left then stay straight for the remainder of the trail. When in doubt just keep your eye on the pond, as long as it is stays on the same side you should be all set.  Have fun!  We did!

Block Island, RI

Block Island RI Aug 2014-4

Riding the Ferry


Block Island RI Aug 2014-8

Block Island RI Aug 2014-26

Helping to recycle after a long day walking

Block Island RI Aug 2014-16

Beautiful Lighthouse


Block Island has been on my husband’s bucket list for a long time.  We finally bit the bullet and just got in the car!  Getting to the ferry in Point Judith, RI was easy and parking a breeze!  Book on line if you can prior to your arrival as seats go fast!

Dogs are allowed on the ferry in any outdoor area and we met several friends on the trip over, both four and two legged.  As soon as you exit the ferry, the welcome center is there in “old harbor” to assist you with any plans for the day or even if you decide to stay overnight.

We decided to walk to the lighthouse.  There was a Del’s Lemonade stand to quench our thirst–almost a mirage on this hot summer day.  Most beaches on the island allow dogs on leash and we were able to stop and let Brya swim several times.  Lunch was a breeze with many outdoor patio spots to allow Brya to lay under the table or off to the side.  So many dog lovers, it was so refreshing!

The island itself isn’t terribly large, but we were able to eek out a 10mile hike around the bulk of it!  New harbor was a treat with outdoor restaurants and bars with games being played right on the dock… fun!  We loved our visit to this great dog friendly island–highly recommended!!!!!


A Day in Provincetown

The pull to Provincetown is undeniable for any dog lover. A place unique in so many ways, we are never at a loss for things to do.

Strolling down the town’s main drag, Commercial Street, water bowls literally lining the street in front of the many unique stores that allow you to shop with your dog. The local bank has treats at the ready, and the town hall provides a doggie drinking water fountain!

For our afternoon hike we choose the Long Point Trail to the lighthouse. This 4.93 mile beach walk was challenging. The journey began on the beach just off of Commercial Street. We needed to plan our trip around the tides, as parts of Long Point Trail are submerged at high tide. Leaving a few hours before low tide we were able to walk along the shoreline crossing Provincetown harbor on a dike. We pass a Cape Cod Bay beach and the Woods End Lighthouse.We reach Long Point Lighthouse at the very tip of Cape Cod, and one of the most stunning unspoiled beaches. Added to the National Historic Register in 1987, the light and its 1904 oil house are the only structures left on Long Point, which is now part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. What a great workout in the sand for both girl and dog. Not a trail for colder months or for the faint of heart.  Whew!Breakwater Ptown April 2014-1Breakwater-longer than I thought!!

Still full from our lunch, we aren’t thinking of a big dinner, but of course we worked off enough calories to require ice cream! The Ptown Scoop on Commercial Street is so amazingly pet friendly. It is hard for Brya to decide between the “Pilgrim Bark Park” (vanilla based ice cream with a peanut butter bone); or a “Cool Treat” ( a frozen non-dairy wheat and gluten free delicacy made of apples, bananas and peanut butter).

Rejuvenated, we head to Race Point Beach to enjoy the sunset with a bottle of wine. Provincetown allows off leash (for well behaved) dogs from 6-9pm, Brya finds several friends to romp with in and out of the water The fond memories of the beautiful Provincetown and so many places and activities left undone, we will be back time and time again!  Until next time!

Are you ready to travel with your pet?

Training is an important part of creating a happy environment for travel.  My hope is that everyone who reads this blog is able to go out into the world with just their best four legged friend and a great leash, leaving behind all the gimmicks like clickers and treats.  A good obedience foundation is all that is required for your dog to have that respect and bond for you to venture out into the world

.BryaStarting as early as possible is best :)

Anyone who feels that dogs want to serve us is mistaken.  Dogs are really all about serving themselves.  Nothing personal, its just who they are.  Don’t get me wrong, we feel like they want to do their best for us; but when push comes to shove, will they listen in a loud, busy environment or react badly when other people or dogs are around? Without training, dogs can be over protective of their owners.  They feel responsible “for” their owner instead of responsible “to” them.

So get out there and spend some quality time working on those essential obedience commands and get them all polished.  Take your first steps out close to home.  Exposure…..that’s what will create confidence in you and your pal.  Then head on out into the world being confident that your dog with behave in all circumstances.


Mount Hope Wonder



Bristol RI 2014 Bristol RI-2 2014


I LOVE to kayak!  When purchasing my last kayak I made sure my new friend would be able to fit.  She already loved the water, but I wasn’t sure how she’d respond to being in a small cockpit. I spent some time at the lake close to my house testing her in short jaunts to be sure she would love it.  Many times she will fall asleep while I do all the work!  Apparently the water has as much of a calming effect on her as it does me.

Making sure she was safe with her life preserver, we headed off to Roger Williams University.  This was my mothers day gift to be out on the water with all my babies.  My son who attends Roger Williams, my daughter and my Brya (my husband as well) all came to kayak this beautiful Narragansett Bay around the Mount Hope Bridge.  Such a spectacular day.  Would recommend to anyone.  There is a launch site right at the town of Bristol base of the bridge